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Rainforest Protectors Chronicle – November/December 2019

Below is a quick summary of our many campaigns and projects carried out in November / December 2019.

Action against illegal clearing for road construction in the sensitive Morningside area of Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest

Took action to halt severe destruction caused to the sensitive Morningside area of Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest due to clearings made for a road construction by Kolonna Pradeshiya Sabha. Followup field visits made to monitor the site. 

[News Articles]
Ada Derana – සිංහරාජ රක්ෂිතයේ හිමිදිරි පෙදෙසෙ අනතුරේ
Ceylon Today – Ruining the Rainforest : Roads cut through Sinharaja
සිංහරාජය කොලොන්න ප්‍රාෙද්ශීය සභාවේ බූදලයක්ද?
Mawbima – සිංහරාජයේ හිමිදිරි පෙදෙසත් සංවර්ධනයේ බිල්ලට යයි
Dinamina – ලෝක උරුම සිංහරාජය විනාශ වී යෑ‍‍මේ අවදානමක්

Action against land grabbing in Hanthana Environmentally Protected Area

Continued our efforts to stop land grabbing in Hanthana Environmentally Protected Area. Following up on letters sent to authorities for urgent action, case was filed against NHDA.

Action against ecological and social issues due to Oil Palm cultivation

Consultations were held on numerous days, meeting the new Minister of Plantations Ramesh Pathirana and State Minister of Environment Jayantha Samaraweera. Joined the protests held against Oil Palm Mafia in Dehiowita and drafted an appeal court case against Oil Palm.


Meeting new Director General of LRC regarding conservation of Sinharaja forest lands currently under LRC

Met with the new Director General of Land Reform Commission (LRC) to discuss the conservation and transfer of ownership of the thousands of hectares of forest lands in the Sinharaja Rainforest Complex that are currently under the authority of the LRC and lacking legal protection. Site visits were done before the meeting to identify illegal encroachments and forest lands belonging to Sinharaja Rainforest Complex given to individuals by the LRC. 

Sinharaja Morningside site visit to identify rainforest cleared illegally to expand tea cultivation

A site visit was done in Sinharaja Morningside area to identify rainforest land cleared illegally to expand tea cultivation and take action.

Meeting with Department of Forest Conservation on illegal Gem Mining within Sinharaja Rainforest

Held discussions with officials of Department of Forest Conservation regarding illegal gem mining in Sinharaja and remedial acts.

Calling for stricter protection to Save Leopards in Sri Lanka

Worked with media to expose the incident in Yatiyanthota where a Sri Lankan Leopard was brutally killed.

Rakwana Reforestation Project

Extinction Rebellion (XR) Sri Lanka, joined Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka with their “Reforest Rebellion” on 23rd and 24th of November 2019. XR planted more than 300 trees in our 100 acre Reforestation site. The project was quite a tough one with hard terrain with slopes. At times almost 50 degree angle to hike and carry plants. XR Reforest rebellions were hard working. Carried plants all the way up themselves to these plots where leeches and slippery conditions weren’t the only challenge. They had to carry plants more than 500 meters. Biggest plants were 7 to 8 feet tall and they were massive weighing more than 12 kilos easily. Yet there were tough volunteers who would carry them up the hill.

It is the responsibility of everyone and not just the environmentalists to take some responsibility towards stopping the ongoing massive destruction of our forests, rivers, streams, waterfalls and the pollution of air and water. Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka is a local environmental organization with support provided by only a few individuals. If you can help, please call 0777771348 or email

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