Rainforest Protectors Chronicle – October 2019

Below is a quick summary of our many campaigns and projects carried out in October 2019.

Action against destruction of Kunckles (Central Highlands World Heritage Rainforest)

Visited the area in Kunckles destroyed by a Chinese company with Forest Conservation Department officials, ADB and Mahaweli along with Sinohydro (company) to asses the current situation of the illegally cut area. A hefty fine of 70 Million Rupees was imposed based on the destruction which was exposed by Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka early this year.

Action against ecological and social issues due to Oil Palm cultivation

Participated in a parliamentary committee meeting to discuss actions to be taken in the future related to oil palm cultivation due to its massive ecological and social issues.Discussion with additonal secretary to the president at presidents house in order to get Oil Palm ban gazetted.

Action against Kitulgala Private Mini-Hydro Project and Udamaliboda Private Mini-Hydro Project

Submitted objections against the Kithulgala Private Mini-Hydro Project which the Ministry of Environment is pushing to get approvals despite significant ecological damage to one of the last riverine rainforest tracts left in the country and home to the point-endemic Kitulgala Saalaya which is found only in a limited stretch of river at the project site and nowhere else in the world.  Major issues related to Uda Maliboda mini-hydro was also reported and as a result it was temporarily stopped the DWC.

Action against island grabbing in Kitulgala and land grabbing in Hanthana Environmentally Protected Area

Kithulgala Perakate island grab issue as well as land grabbing in Hanthana Environmentally Protected Area was reported and letters sent to authorities for urgent action. Consultation on case related to illegal clearing of Hantana took place several times. The case is ongoing and no further clearings reported for new houses. Undertaking is in effect.

Short Video about the Rainforests in Sri Lanka and threats they face published in German / English
Worked with a German tourism company operating in Sri Lanka to promote Sri Lanka and conservation of its rainforest ecosystem. Watch the video via link below.

Our riverine ecosystems are dying. Also remember river Kelani is the main water source for 2 Mn plus including almost entire Colombo. Yet its most polluted in Kithulgala. More than 500 factories, thousands of households and Hotels in Kithulgala to Kaduwela are connecting their sewages to River Kelani. All of us drink that water. Are you happy? Read and share the full article below. https://www.facebook.com/RainforestProtectors/photos/a.277841428895776/2876648035681756/?type=3&theater

Rakwana Reforestation Project

Purchased and planted large saplings of Hora (Dipteroacarpus Zeylanicus) to expand the reforestation area. Details on how to join this month’s reforestation even is published in the event below.https://www.facebook.com/events/1952467281566332/

It is the responsibility of everyone and not just the environmentalists to take some responsibility towards stopping the ongoing massive destruction of our forests, rivers, streams, waterfalls and the pollution of air and water. Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka is a local environmental organization with support provided by only a few individuals. If you can help, please call 0777771348 or email RainforestProtectors@gmail.com

Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka
Web: http://www.RainforestProtectors.org
Donate: http://www.rainforestprotectors.org/rainforest/Donate.aspx

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