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Rainforest Protectors Chronicle – October/November 2018

Below is a summary of our campaigns and projects carried out in October/November 2018.

Action against deforestation at Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest

Upon identifying deforestation at two different sites in Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest Complex at Dellawa-Walankanda and Handapan Ella area, we took action immediately by contacting the local authorities and forest conservation department. Further, a quarry to be operated in the area was successfully stopped. Our efforts paid off when the local authorities took the decision to halt all human activities within 500 meters of Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest (under Ratnapura District) during a meeting at Ratnapura District Secretariat.

Action against deforestation at Kudumeeriya Rainforest

Following up on exposing the illegal deforestation at Kudumeeriya rainforest, we worked with Kalawana Police to prevent further destruction.

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Mobilizing to protect Muthurajawela Wetland

Greater Colombo’s largest and most important wetland continues to be filled and destroyed both by influential private businessmen as well as by certain Government entities. We spearheaded a campaign last few months, joining with other environmental groups, religious leaders and villagers to stop the continued filling of Muthurajawela. Held community meetings, observation trips and met activists in the area. A panel discussion will be broadcasted on Derana TV this Friday night.

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Rakwana Reforestation Project

A few volunteers joined on October 13th to continue planting up to 1000 native plants in the first 10 acres. Another planting session is organized on November 24 and 25th weekend and we hope many volunteers will join. We are currently planning on completing additional 10 acres next year.

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Illukpothakanda Reforestation Project

The initial batch of saplings planted on July 6, 2018 are growing well. Additional planting days will be announced soon.

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Action against Koskulana Private Mini-Hydro in Sinharaja Rainforest

During the last several months, we worked with local authorities, villagers and lawyers against the continued political pressure put by the developer. Next court hearing later this month and we hope the courts will rule in favor of protecting this vital freshwater ecosystem against the destructive activities of the developer.
Action against destruction of rainforest and sensitive eco-systems in the Wet Zone by Oil Palm Plantations

Continued action through discussions with authorities, exposure through media and participating in panel discussions against ecological destruction caused by expanding Oil Palm plantations in the sensitive wet zone ecosystems in Kegalle, Galle, Kalutara and Matara Districts.

Rainforest Protectors Conservation Centre

For many years, the lack of a Conservation Centre near Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest has negatively impacted our projects and campaigns as well as inability to educate visitors and students. We have been locating and mapping many lands in the area recently with the goal of protecting the highly bio-diverse lands and setting up a conservation centre.

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Other campaigns against environmental destruction…

In addition to above, we extended support to many local environmental groups throughout the country in their fight against environmental issues in their respective areas. Supported litigation against Puranagama area deforestation, supported villagers in their fight against garbage dumping in Serakkuliya next to the Puttalam lagoon (, took action against environmental issues neglected by Wayamba Environmental Authority, took action against private mini-hydro project obstructing Denipalla oya waterfall in Kitulgala, and participated in several media discussions.

We carry out our work thanks to individual volunteers and donors like you who contribute time in the field and funds to cover monthly recurring expenses. If you can join our campaigns and projects above please call 0777771348. If you can make a small monthly donation via standard instruction to cover our recurring expenses, please Click Here for Details.

Above: Kudumeeriya Rainforest Deforestation and Chemical Attack

Below: Destruction caused by private mini-hydro project blocking Denipalla oya waterfall in Kitulgala

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